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Elizabeth Hall

author, psychologist, voyager

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"For as long as I can remember, I have read anything and everything. A book was never very far away and I learned to vacuum the floor, to iron and even to dry dishes with a book propped up before me."

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Elizabeth Hall  is the author of college text books, psychology books, young adult and children's novels, a former managing editor with Psychology Today and the former Editor-In-Chief of Human Nature.

Since being taught the alphabet at age two in an unorthodox manner, Ms. Hall's literary achievements have spanned five decades. She continues her adventures in both the literary world and in her personal life, whether white-water rafting, studying wolves, or braving the Alaskan countryside.

To find out more about Ms. Hall, her literary works, and her life. Click on the links to the left and set out on your own literary adventure.

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